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July 26, 2023

Do you know human & animal characters are the most popular type of 3D models?

They’re the real showstoppers!

And it takes 8 hours or more to create a high-quality 3D model from scratch. It’s not a simple task.

Now imagine, if you could find a powerful tool with an inbuilt wide range of custom libraries of 3D models. All on the web. No installations, no downloads.

The demand for 3D models in AR/VR/Gaming is growing rapidly. The popularity of 3D models has shown immense growth over the last few years & shows no sign of stopping. The 3D models are made via computer-based 3D modeling software (CAD tools). They are the digital representation of an object or scene in a 3D space. During the 3D modeling process, you can determine an object’s size, shape, and texture. The process works with points, lines, and polygons which come together to weave a mesh to create 3D shapes within the software. Each single point on the model can be manipulated to change the shape. It is possible to create 3D models of existing items, as well as of those that have not yet been built in real life. The possibilities are endless.

What is 3D modeling used for?

It serves a wide range of purposes & finds applications in various industries. Some of the common uses of 3D modeling are:

  1. Game Development The 3D models are used to create characters, immersive environments, and props within video games. It is particularly important in the virtual reality world, which is an emerging & exciting sector. It is the foundation of AR/VR experiences as it allows users to interact in real-time.
  2. 3D Printing It lets 3D models become physical objects which have a wide array of applications. Custom-made prosthetics and implants have a life-changing effect on the healthcare industry.
  3. Architecture We can now visualize a building before it’s built, all thanks to 3D modeling. It can reveal potential issues in the building structure.
  4. Product Design Manufacturers are using 3D models to design & test the products before moving to production, making the whole process cost-effective & improving efficiency. A sustainable product design is the right step towards the future.

Can every 3D enthusiast create 3D models from scratch without any technical skills? Can every individual dedicate countless hours to building 3D models from scratch?

Well, it is possible. With advancing technology, 3D modeling software has become more user-friendly and accessible to a broader audience, even to those without any technical expertise. While many individuals can spend hours and hours building 3D models from scratch, it may not be feasible or practical for everyone.

There is an alternative. The existence of a vast range of custom asset libraries.

Custom asset libraries in a 3D editor are a treasure store of pre-made 3D models that designers and artists can use to enhance their projects. The asset libraries have a wide collection of ready-to-use 3D assets, ranging from basic shapes to complex templates. It helps a creator is streamlining their work & save valuable time. One can simply import & customize the assets. These libraries are an excellent resource for those who have limited knowledge about modeling or have time constraints. Custom asset libraries have become an indispensable tool for 3D artists and designers, fostering efficiency and unleashing their creative potential.

Is the 3D world worth entering? — Absolutely!

Get ready to bring your own imagination into reality & explore the immersive experience by diving deep into the 3D revolution.

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